Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Kinda sad to hear this song,Angels&Airwaves-Do It For Me Now. This song gave a lot of meaning for me,no I meant for us. Yeah,we had been through this before. Happy. Sad. Annoying. Crying. Sulking. God never give us a chance to share our life like the other couple,we just be friend or closest friend I ever had. I share everything with you,I love you on that time but you never appreciate what I already done for you. Nevermind,past is past. 

Now,you're looking for me back to seek an apology for your all your wrong. You ask me if I want to be with you again,not like before but it will be more than what we had before. I said no because I take this matter as a serious matter. "You played my heart before. You'll played my heart later."Thats the thing I hold for all this time,thats why I don't re-couple with all my ex-boyfriend.

Sorry for not accepting you for the second time. You know me right? Second chance is rarely happen in my life,only the lucky people will get it. I hope you understand about this,no worry we'll still be friend. I love our friendship and thanks again for that song,I appreciate it. Take care of yourself dude! xx

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