Saturday, 29 October 2011


Lets start it now erm but where should I start? I'll try.
Dear you,yeah you! Why don't you change yourself more to positive way? We knew each other for the last 4 years ago,you were diferrent guy at that time. Kinda flirty and sweetalker guy but now,I just can see that you're a stoner. A real stoner,what had happened mayn? You should change because everybody love you,including me but don't get me wrong. I just love our friendship now even we were together before. God already gave you so many many many chances so that you can change but for me,I didn't see any changes or maybe I didn't understand you. Yeah,thats what you said to me last night. You said,"You tak faham I,I bosan so benda tu je kawan baik I." What is wrong with you? 

Even if I didn't understand you just like what you said,atleast I'm trying to understand you and your fantasy world. Stop doing all that thing,love yourself and think about the others that love you. This thingy is more way worst than cigarette but I don't prefer you take both of it,you can just live a healthy life. I asked you last night,"Sampai bila?" Then you said,"Sampai I ada girlfriend baliklah." Whoa,thats sound kewl mayn! Why don't you go and find a girl so that you can stop taking those thingy? Use all your magical,sweetalker words. I bet they're plenty of girls that are waiting for you out there. I don't even care about who gonna be your future girlfriend but I do care about your future. Can you think just like what I think? PLEASE.

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