Friday, 28 October 2011


You add me and I knew you because most of my girlfriends had a story about you,yeah the story about you're The-Real-Player. You flirt with me. You propose me as your girlfriend buuuuut,I reject it because I'm not ready for any serious relationship. Thats one of the reason,the other reason is I don't want to be in a relationshit with you. I know your story,I know your behaviour. Thats you,never gonna change for good.

Since you throw me out of your life,there's nothing I can do except keep hatin' on you. Thats the only way I can do so I can forget everything about you even we date once. Yeap watching football match,Singapore vs Malaysia but but but I spend all my time throughout the night with you. Havin' so much fun playing cards,snooker etc,heh unlucky me. Why? Because you just left me like a trash after a week we met,what the fuck is your problem mayn? 

I vanished all the things about you. No more pictures. No more phone number. And yeah,you remove me from your friendlist. I don't mind at all,oh no no no. I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck at all,me is me and you is you. Everything was fine until you add me back after I decided to continue my study in UNISEL. This is so not kewl mayn! I post a wall to you and you IM me,keep sayin' "I miss you blahblahblah." You call me and I admit it,I call you but most of the time when we're on the phone I'm the one who are in silent. Less talk. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna talk about with you because I think our chapter is done,done baby done! 

I remember your last words,"Janganlah risau,I takkan buat you jadi macam dulu lagi. Benda dulu takkan berulang okay?" I was like,"Hm okay okay." What supposed I said actually? Nah,thats all the trashy words from an useless man. Opsy! You still in my friendlist and I checked on my News Feed,I read out your status and I LOL non-stop. You're madly in love with the next victim,so yeah girl watch out for this useless man!

P/s: I know it might hurt your feelings but who care,W-H-O C-A-R-E

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