Monday, 19 December 2011


I spent most of my time out there and I almost forget everything here,so I already decided to take a break from spending my time out there and back to the track here. I miss my life here,there's no one can break my heart or hurt my feeling. I just don't get it,why everyone keep hurting my feeling and breaking my heart? I can't accept the fact that I'm feeling like I don't have heart and feeling right now. Where are they? I need them back.


I just don't get it,what had happened between us actually? Seriously I got fucked up with everything you do,seems like you're trying to conquer my own world. I meant my life,including my love life. What's up with that,motherfucker? Can you explain to me? 

You never trying to talk with me but but but why you keep disturbing my life? You got your own life right? There's nothing intresting in my life so please make up your mind back,leave me happily with my life now. And yeah,please don't disturb my man. He's mine,not yours. I hope you can gimme some cooperation,thank you.