Sunday, 20 November 2011


"I'm gonna start it all over again but,would you be mine?" -Danny Johan

"Yes,I do." -Ellynda Johan

Since 27th of December 2009 until now.
Thank you Danial Djohan Radzi,I love you so much!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Me iz zo fuckinz' tiredz! 
I'm just tired,don't ask me too many I-Am-Not-Going-To-Answer's-Questions okay? Just gimme some times so that I could forget all my problems,issues about guy here guy there,ya ya ya everything. I just need to blank out my mind,it would make me feel much better. Heh maybe but nevermind,I'm still trying. 

Why must one problem come after one problem? Thats so not fair mayn! I'm human being like everyone else but why must me? Why? Why? Why? Ahhh this is all God's decision,no matter how hard it is I've to accept it. 

"Be strong Ell,you can solve everything but it just take a few time. Don't rush,take it slow okay? Keep smillin',melafchu Ell! xx<3"

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Seems like all of you kinda excited talking bad behind of me,why don't all of you try and talk infront of me huh? We'll see,who's better and who's loser. Real loser,oh oh oh just like all of you. All of you is spreading some hate and I got famous by that,shame on you girls. Keep on talking bad about me because I think your big mouth can't be resize back to the normal size and and and I don't give a fuck about this. All I know is,I got my own life. Not like all of you,busy stalking my life. Didn't all of you have your own life? I don't mind if all of you still wanna stalk me,go ahead and do what you wanna do. As long as all of you are happy,may karma slap on each of everyone's face. By the way,do sucks my non-existent-balls please? It may help all of you to behave like human being back,not monkeys. Opsy ops for my bad words,you start it first and you deserve this!


Kinda sad to hear this song,Angels&Airwaves-Do It For Me Now. This song gave a lot of meaning for me,no I meant for us. Yeah,we had been through this before. Happy. Sad. Annoying. Crying. Sulking. God never give us a chance to share our life like the other couple,we just be friend or closest friend I ever had. I share everything with you,I love you on that time but you never appreciate what I already done for you. Nevermind,past is past. 

Now,you're looking for me back to seek an apology for your all your wrong. You ask me if I want to be with you again,not like before but it will be more than what we had before. I said no because I take this matter as a serious matter. "You played my heart before. You'll played my heart later."Thats the thing I hold for all this time,thats why I don't re-couple with all my ex-boyfriend.

Sorry for not accepting you for the second time. You know me right? Second chance is rarely happen in my life,only the lucky people will get it. I hope you understand about this,no worry we'll still be friend. I love our friendship and thanks again for that song,I appreciate it. Take care of yourself dude! xx