Saturday, 12 November 2011


Me iz zo fuckinz' tiredz! 
I'm just tired,don't ask me too many I-Am-Not-Going-To-Answer's-Questions okay? Just gimme some times so that I could forget all my problems,issues about guy here guy there,ya ya ya everything. I just need to blank out my mind,it would make me feel much better. Heh maybe but nevermind,I'm still trying. 

Why must one problem come after one problem? Thats so not fair mayn! I'm human being like everyone else but why must me? Why? Why? Why? Ahhh this is all God's decision,no matter how hard it is I've to accept it. 

"Be strong Ell,you can solve everything but it just take a few time. Don't rush,take it slow okay? Keep smillin',melafchu Ell! xx<3"

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