Wednesday, 1 February 2012



It really made me so tired,I don't even get enough sleep for this week. This week really stressed me out with test and examination but I'm still cool,still trying hard to wake up every morning just to go to the college. Mama said,it's part of my sacrifice to get the highest pointer for my final this upcoming Mac. Another month to go and I'm still worry about all my assignments and portfolio that I haven't submit yet.

I wish I can go to a very long vacation after my final with.....ahhh thats impossible but for me,nothing impossible. I'll trying hard to get the highest pointer for my final,wish me luck luck luck!

By the way,I already got my 200bux book's voucher. You want it? In your dream.


Someone wanna steal my TI$A Bulls last night,fucked up. Thank God,Bulls is save with me now and my knee is gettin' better because it just a small wound. This shit won't happen if I don't go out for dinner with my roomates last night but I think thats not my fault,I will forever blame that Mat Rempit. I'm the one who got hit by them,they're trying to help me but some of them trying to steal my Bulls. Mya grab the Bulls for me back because I can't walk with my bleeding knee. 

The Mat Rempit seek for an apology but I ignored it because the guard at my hostel ask them to leave,from now on I really really hate Mat Rempit. They're totally sucks!