Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Seems like all of you kinda excited talking bad behind of me,why don't all of you try and talk infront of me huh? We'll see,who's better and who's loser. Real loser,oh oh oh just like all of you. All of you is spreading some hate and I got famous by that,shame on you girls. Keep on talking bad about me because I think your big mouth can't be resize back to the normal size and and and I don't give a fuck about this. All I know is,I got my own life. Not like all of you,busy stalking my life. Didn't all of you have your own life? I don't mind if all of you still wanna stalk me,go ahead and do what you wanna do. As long as all of you are happy,may karma slap on each of everyone's face. By the way,do sucks my non-existent-balls please? It may help all of you to behave like human being back,not monkeys. Opsy ops for my bad words,you start it first and you deserve this!

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