Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Nothing intresting to write here but it would be cool if I left some notes before I go. Where I wanna go? Secret Garden,nah I don't know. Here some notes for you,this is your routine so you've to do it everyday.

-don't sleep too late & don't wake up late when you got class.
-tidy up your bed.
-have a baby shower every morning & evening.
-don't forget to take your lunch & dinner on time.
-eat lots & lots of food,including vegetables.
-make sure your room is clean & neat.
-if you're lazy to go out & you're hungry,just pour hot water on the maggie.
-do all your assignment & submit it on time.
-cuddle the bolster when you're gonna sleep.
-keep all our snapbacks tidy on the wall.

I know you won't find me,thats why I left all this notes here so that you can keep doing this routine everyday. I'll be watching you from here,goodluck baby dinosour.

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