Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Kinda sad when I read your latest updated on your blog,feelin' like commit suicide right after done reading that. If you were in my shoe,you'll feel the same way. But I'm not gonna put you in my shoe,let me the one who feel this shit. I won't hurt you but I know I already hurt you for a several times before but today you totally kill me with that kinda post on your blog. 

I've been crying for 3 days and I can't focus on what I'm gonna do,if you're feel I'm cruel because I hurt your feeling but think and ask yourself first. Why do you accept me in your life for the second time? Why? Why? Why? If you know you'll leave me behind after she come back,why you accept me? Why? Why? It really make me sad because you know that I'm gonna love you more than you'll ever know.

Remember all the things that we had done together,ups and downs,sad and happy moments. Do you still expect me to leave you when she come back? No way! You're mine,forever mine eventhough I know you're waiting for her and I know I'm just your back-up plan now. Everyone keep thinking I'm idiot because having a you but you keep waiting for her and you'll leave me after she come back. Do I care what everyone gonna say?

This is me. This is my life. This my love-life. And you're mine,forever. If I lose you,I'll make sure you die in a tragedy so that she'll never have you back. I'm crazy? Yes,I am. Thats all,thank you and I love you.

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