Thursday, 26 January 2012


Happy 2 Years 1 Month Anniversary,may God always bless us.

I don't know what had happened between us last night but our situation and our converstion kinda dull,for no reason. I hope we gonna be fine as soon as possible because I really hate this kind of things. No worry,I won't blame you for what had happened lastnight. It's all my fault,you never doing anything wrong in our relationship but I'm the one who always spoilt everything. 

Lastnight was not the first time,we've been through this situation several times before and yeah we're still fine until now. Maybe we had a crash-communication lastnight,ahhh forget it. It's gonna be a biggest lie if I say I'm fine but the truth is I'm sad,effin' sad. I can't sleep lastnight and I'm having fever today,great aite? Nevermind,this is not important and I'm gonna be fine later. 

By the way,congratulation for already making a decision for your life. I know you can because you're cool,you always said that. Even you keep your decision as your secret now,I don't mind as long as I know you already make up your mind. Everyone have secret,so do I but I already told you all my secret because there's nothing to hide from you anymore. Yours is yours. Mine is yours. Get it? 

Remember this,I'll always love you no matter what gonna happen between us. Sorry for not giving you a wake up call this morning,I'm out of credit.

Lots of love,a million of kisses and a gazilion of hugs. I love you Dinosour.

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