Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Today is already 25th January 2012 and my birthday is on 19th January 2012,nothing much to say just a simple wishful wish from myself,Happy 19th Birthday ELLJHN. Don't ask me what is my wish because I still don't know,what is the purpose of wishing something or anything on our birthday. So,there's no wish and and and I'm still craving for cake,too bad no one gave me cake for my birthday this year. Am I too old to receive any birthday cake for anyone? Shit,I'm sad. 

The special present I got for my 19th birthday is,DIY birthday card by DNYJHN. It is awesome! He told me 3 days before my birthday about it and when it come to my birthday,I was like O-M-G! The card look so effin' cute,with a picture of me and him.Thats the only present that I got for my 19th birthday and I don't mind about it at all,but I mind about the birthday cake. Still craving for it,damn! 

To all my friends,thanks for the all birthday wishes. You guys rock!

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